Scrawled epiphanies, esoteric streams of consciousness, witty, insightful and viciously funny, ranging from mere fact-checking to ferocious scribbling, and from the utterly banal to the unexpectedly profound.

A series of books featuring the best of world literature and nonfiction originally hand-annotated by some of our times’ most intriguing thinkers.

Working with a fresh set of texts, typeset beautifully on A4-sized paper, our distinguished collaborators have taken to the page, sharing with the reading public their spontaneous reactions to the words of literary giants such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Marx and Wittgenstein.

Free from academic constraints, and with complete editorial impunity, they have transformed previously unassailable classics into original, timely, and deeply personal works.

An uncommonly interesting idea that will make books seem relevant and alive again – a real conversation, and something that breathes.
—Pico Iyer

Very good fun.
—Mary Beard

This sounds amazing.
—Clay Shirky

This is a lovely idea.
—Steven Pinker

Really cool. I have never done anything like that!
—Henry Rollins

An unusually fascinating project.
—Jonathan Zittrain

Set One

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Simon Critchley
Original text by William Shakespeare


This edition of Hamlet is the heavily marked-up personal copy belonging to Simon Critchley, co-author of Stay Illusion!: The Hamlet Doctrine. It reveals the philosopher’s intense engagement with the text, and shows, in real time, the creative process behind this insightful work. READ MORE…




Vijay Prashad
Original text by Marx & Engels


Author and editor Vijay Prashad, extremely familiar with the text and an ardent promoter of the merits of reading The Communist Manifesto as a contemporary call-to-arms, hand-annotates this edition. READ MORE…




Hal Foster's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Hal Foster
Original text by William Blake


Using the editor’s perennial marker pen, historian and art critic Hal Foster intervenes, interjects, and interrupts Blake’s ruminations with his own creative genius. READ MORE…




Kenneth Goldsmith's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Kenneth Goldsmith
Original text by Ludwig Wittgenstein

Kenneth Goldsmith, on his maiden voyage into the unforgiving rigour of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s
Tractatus, shows no appetite for timidity. This edition of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus reveals the breadth and depth not just of its original author’s genius, but also of the intervening poet’s creative fervour. Mark-ups, redactions, original drawings, underlinings, highlights, additions and revisions on additions – the lines between original and derivative work completely blurred. READ MORE…




Gary Kamiya

Original text by Charles Dickens

This edition of the holiday tale is the very personal copy of the venerable and confirmed Dickens aficionado Gary Kamiya–complete with scribbles, comments, and all too frequent exclamations, like “Let me tell you how much I love this line, and here’s why!”

Coming Soon

Out in 2020



Heather Armstrong
Original text by Joseph Conrad

Speaker, writer, and ostensibly the most popular mother in the world, Heather B. Armstrong annotates this edition of Joseph Conrad’s dark masterpiece. Years after she read it for the first time, then a close-minded, religious English major in university, Armstrong finally repays her debt and gratitude to the book that transformed her like no other.



Tom Holland
Original text by Anonymous


Through its blend of myth and history, Beowulf vividly evokes a twilight world in which men and supernatural forces live side by side. It celebrates the endurance of the human spirit in a transient world. Historian Tom Holland annotates this edition of Beowulf. READ MORE…

Vijay Prashad’s Communist Manifesto 

Simon Critchley’s Hamlet